David Krynauw ProActive Media

David Krynauw

David Krynauw – Business Mentor and Marketing Enthusiast

ProActive Media (www.proactivemedia.com.au) provides a range of marketing services to small and medium sized businesses. Most of our clients are challenged by their marketing and not sure how much to invest, where to do so and whether that will deliver them tangible results. They most likely don’t have a marketing manager, or if they do, that person could do with some mentoring and coaching. They also need guidance to understand the transition from traditional to new digital marketing. We work with them to develop the right marketing strategy and help them to implement it – a bit like having an outsourced marketing manager.

Our services cover 4 main areas:

  • Mentoring and Coaching: I guide, motivate, inspire and support – enabling the mentee to achieve their business goals and aspirations. In addition to my mentoring roles at the Small Business Mentoring Service and Coaching & Mentoring Australia, I do voluntary work as mentor to business owners in Africa through Grow Movement – an international mentoring organisation. To read more about my experiences as mentor with business owners in Rwanda, follow this link http://growmovement.blogspot.com.au/2014/03/volunteering-and-having-impact-is.html
  • Advertising: We develop innovative media opportunities for marketers and advertisers. It often starts with a marketing audit where we try to understand who your customers are and what their buying process is, so that we can plan to have your message touch them at the key decision-making points in the buying cycle. Our skills cover both traditional and new digital advertising.
  • Creative/Production: Our studios produce all forms of online, print and audio-visual advertising. To see examples of our commercials, please see http://proactivemedia.com.au/services/commercials We also produce longer length videos about your business story, and a good example of that can be seen here http://proactivemedia.com.au/services/video-marketing-sydney
  • Online: The fastest growing part of our business is online and website marketing. Just having a website and a FaceBook page is not enough. We have the skills to optimize your website so that your customers will find it through Search Engine Marketing and Optimisation (SEM and SEO), Website Development and Social Media Marketing.

If you want to know more about our services and prices, you can call me on 0401993298 or email me at david@proactivemedia.com.au





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