Event Details

Challenge for this month: Connect with a member for a coffee before the next event and tell the group about it on the 27th May.

Come along to our local networking coffee meet.
Here we listen to the business in the hot seat, ask questions and solve challenges for the month.

The structure of the morning:

  • 10 minutes networking
  • 30 secs of elevator pitch
  • Hot Seat Business gives a short elevator pitch
  • Everyone asks a question to the Hot Seat person
  • The person in the Hot Seat discusses challenges they have had that month and asks for help.
  • They say what type of business they are in need of to help them, such as accountant.
  • The group may have a referral they can give the person in the Hot Seat.

Eventbrite - The Northern Beaches Network Coffee Meet - May

The events originated from the LinkedIn group, The Northern Beaches Network. If you are not a member we would love for you to join the growing number of locals: http://www.linkedin.com/groups/Northern-Beaches-Network-3103728/about


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