August 2014

The Unfair Advantage presented by Anna Ritson, Vivienne Grimston and Claudia Oliveira was a huge success. It was a particularly miserable day with rain hampering traffic but it didn’t dampen the spirits of our members and their guests. We raised $235 dollars to purchase Coles Myer vouchers for the Biringa Women’s Refuge in Dee Why.

Here is a recap of the information presented on the day.

AnnaAnna Ritson – Simply Divine Makeup Design

camera-video-makeupHow much makeup should you wear and apply – A LOT. Doesn’t matter what you look like with loads of makeup on, the camera won’t see it that way at all.

Start with a primer, this reduces redness as it keeps the skin velvety and stops the shine usually caused from lighting and nerves. Shimmery colours absorb, so wear a matt foundation, matt cheek colour and eyeshadow, this will really define your look.

Don’t be afraid to pile it on around your eyes and wear a bright lipstick, no natural tones as the lights will absorb it.

To give your face depth, highlight (white stuff) & contour (brown stuff) the cheekbones and around the jaw and nose area too, this way your face won’t look so flat on camera. Place a little highlighter on the Cupid’s bow – that cute little curved area at the top of your lip.

Men should wear a little bit of makeup on video because they tend to get shiny and red too. So also use primer and then conceal in those red areas around the nose and under the eyes in a salmon colour. Brush a bit of loose powder over the whole face to also reduce the shiny appearance. Place Vaseline onto the lips and work it in with a cotton bud.  Remember guys, this is for the camera’s eyes only and will make a big difference to the finished product and your credibility.

Claudia-vivVivienne Grimston

Download and read the Unfair advantage
Listen to the Podcast about The Unfair Advantage of Video Marketing

Claudia Oliveira

Watch the 7 reasons for video marketing produced by Claudia.

View the photos of the day here


Vouchers purchased for Biringa Women's Refuge.

Vouchers purchased for Biringa Women’s Refuge.






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