Our April 2015 event saw a really good presentation on “How To Build Your Warm Calling Strategy”  from Chris Payne, Managing Director, Team Australian. www.teamaustralian.com.au.

Chris gave guidance on how they develop warm calling strategies for their clients. In developing a warm calling strategy, the important ingredients are: your opening script, the integrity of your list, your follow up and measuring and reviewing your campaign. See more of Chris’s presentation at our April blog on Warm Calling.

Neil Willis from Sydney Commercial Kitchens also gave a short presentation on how his company had recently helped a client with their commercial kitchen fitout. He also gave some helpful insights on their high performing company website: http://www.sydneycommercialkitchens.com.au.

Our thank you to the Beach Club Collaroy for the great venue.

Photos by the very generous Karen Newall from Karen Newall Photography.

Chris Payne, Team Australian

Chris Payne, Team Australian

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Robert Leroux, Convenor, The Northern Beaches Network
Director, iSapience Digital & BPOE: rl@isapience.net







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