Our July 2015 event saw a very informative presentation from Samantha Riley, the Accelerant Group on “How To Run An Instagram Campaign For Your Business”.

Instagram is like facebook when it first started. According to Samantha and as Instagram is follower and visually driven, it is best to post high quality images and content that cultivates emotional link to your brand. Creating hashtags for your post will help people find you when they search for posts related to your topic. And if you do start developing a community, make sure that you actively engage with those in your community as well as those outside who may have potential interest in your brand.

Glyn Conlon from Keystone Interaction Skills shared with us five simple and yet effective transformative communication skills to help us communicate more effectively with our business colleagues, family and friends.

Our thank you to the Beach Club Collaroy for the wonderful venue and to Karen Newall from Karen Newall Photography for the great photos.

TNBN July15-016

Samantha Riley, The Accelerant Group

TNBN July15-005

Glyn Conlon, Keystone Interaction Skills

TNBN July15-001 TNBN July15-002 TNBN July15-003

TNBN July15-007 TNBN July15-009 TNBN July15-010 TNBN July15-011 TNBN July15-012 TNBN July15-013 TNBN July15-014 TNBN July15-015

TNBN July15-024

Robert Leroux, Samantha Riley & Glyn Conlon

TNBN July15-017 TNBN July15-018 TNBN July15-019 TNBN July15-020 TNBN July15-021 TNBN July15-022 TNBN July15-023


Robert Leroux, Convenor, The Northern Beaches Network
Director, iSapience Digital & BPOE: rl@isapience.net








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